senior checklist

Senior Checklist

Senior Timeline - Winter

  • Be sure to file your FAFSA and submit in time to meet college's financial aid deadline (these can vary and can be different than admissions deadlines). Contact the financial aid offices at your colleges if your FAFSA information (based on prior prior year) is vastly different than your current financial situation.  The College and Career Center has information on how to appeal for more financial aid.

  • Send your SM 1 transcript to the colleges you applied to.  Mrs. Kim Kahle in the Office has a form for you to fill out. Once completed she will send out the official transcript required.

  • If interested in military options, take the ASVAB. Please see Mrs. Brock to register and/or discuss results from test taken junior year. This higher the ASVAB score, the more jobs you qualify for!

  • Confirm receipt of your information.  SAT/ACT scores can get lost in the mail! Don’t assume the institution you have applied to has received them. Best practice is to check if you have not heard anything from the Admissions office.

  • Request recommendation letters from teachers or employers

  • Confirm that Letters of recommendation have been sent (if required).

  • Look into AmeriCorps, Jobcorps or Apprenticeship programs for options other than college.

  • Compare financial aid offers and visit campus prior to making a decision for college. Financial aid offers can be misleading!! Schedule an Appointment with Mrs. Madsen to go over pros/cons of award letter.

  • If waitlisted, learn more about the institutions waitlist policy. Make a plan B and move ahead. You can always change your plans if accepted late to your dream school.

  • Register and start studying for AP tests.
    If your GPA is at a 2.0 or higher, please apply for the Oregon Promise. The easiest 5-minute application ever! A full time college student can receive up to $3,000 toward community college tuition next year. Application found at

  • Males must register with selective service within 30 days of turning 18.

  • Spring is the time for local scholarship applications! Several to choose from fitting most GPA ranges and academic interests.

Making your decision about where to go to college.

Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to college. Now it’s time to make a decision about which college you will attend.

There are hundreds of colleges, universities, and career and trade schools in Oregon.

Explore your options! Consider colleges that may be close to home as well as across the state. Make sure you are watching their deadlines for applying.

How to Compare Financial Aid Packages

For most students, the cost of college will factor into the decision about where to attend. Find out what you need to know about comparing financial aid offers.