Hello Eagle Family!! This is Principal Chapman with your weekly update. COVID Update The first thing on everyone’s mind is probably COVID, so let’s start there. At this moment we have 4 students confirmed positive, two of them were on campus while contagious. Working closely with the Linn County Public Health Department, we have identified 4 additional students who met the criteria for exposure, and those students are also currently isolating. With the current trends in the county and the state, I expect those numbers will rise in the next few weeks. But here’s the good news. Because our students have been diligent (for the most part) with wearing their masks and social distancing, we only have six students out. That number could easily have been over a dozen. Thank you to everyone for working together to help stop the spread. Here’s what we need to do moving forward. First, Masks are crucial. I know, I hate them too, but students consistently wearing masks greatly reduce the number of contacts. On the flip side, as I pointed out in the assembly Friday - don’t be the student that causes a dozen of your classmates to have to isolate simply because you’re not wearing a mask. Second, continue to maintain social distancing. The health department’s guidelines are three feet if wearing a mask and 6 feet without a mask. And finally, probably the most important thing we can do is to stay home if we are not feeling well. Half of our current positive cases did exactly that, and as a result no one had to isolate from contact with those students. New Attendance Secretary Everyone give a warm welcome to our new attendance secretary, Brandi Short. If you have any attendance issues or questions, she can be reached at 541-995-6632 ext. 363 - and note that extension has recently changed, so double check to be sure you are calling the correct one. Dumb joke of the Day I went to a wedding this weekend that was so beautiful, even the cake was in tiers. Thanks! Thank you all for your support in making the start of this year spectacular! Let’s all work hard to keep this momentum going. Have a great week!
7 days ago, Greg Chapman
I would like to welcome our new attendance secretary Brandi Short to our High School Team . If you are needing to reach her for any attendance questions or issues you can reach her at 541-995-6632 ext. 363 Welcome aboard Brandi!
9 days ago, Kim Kahle
Dear Parents and Guardians, Principal Chapman with a quick mid-week message: I want to thank all of you for your patience in dropping off your children and picking them up at the end of the day. It is wonderful having every student in person all day long with our teachers. In order to continue with in person learning we’ve gotta follow the mask mandate. Recently some questions have come up concerning proper face coverings. Face Coverings as defined by OSHA and ODE means a cloth, polypropylene, paper or other face covering that covers the nose and the mouth and that rests snugly above the nose, below the mouth, and on the sides of the face. The following are not face coverings because they allow droplets to be released: a covering that incorporates a valve that is designed to facilitate easy exhalation, mesh masks, lace masks or other coverings with openings, holes, visible gaps in the design or material or vents. Students will be respectfully reminded to wear their mask properly or if they come with an improper face covering, we’ve got masks we’ll give them for the day. If you have questions give me a call. Thank You and have a wonderful evening.
11 days ago, Greg Chapman
Hello Eagles!! Hey, we have just finished what has been one of the best first weeks I’ve ever been involved with. As a newbie to this community, let me say I am super impressed with our kids. I have heard “thank you” and “Your Welcome” more in the last 4 days than in the last 6 years. I am thoroughly enjoying it here. We passed out chromebooks today, but only about a third of our students checked one out. Remember that students will need some sort of laptop nearly every day here on campus. If you need to check one out, we have the forms to fill out in the office. I know this will be disappointing to many students, but there is no school on Monday. Sorry - but we’ll make it up to you when we have school on Friday!! So next week, no school on Monday, there is school on Friday. Since this has been a short announcement, we have time for “Dumb joke of the Day”! So I’m hoping that on this long weekend you all get a chance to relax, maybe do a little reading. I’m currently reading this awesome book about anti-gravity - it is Impossible to put down! Have a great weekend, see everyone on Tuesday.
17 days ago, Greg Chapman
¡Hola familias del distrito de Harrisburg! Nomas quería presentar me para que sepan donde me pueden encontrar. Soy Amanda, y soy la coordinadora familiar del distrito. Si me necesitan para algo, me pueden llamar a la secundaria. El número de teléfono es 541-995-6551 y mi extensión por el momento es 222. Les actualizo cuando tenga mi extension permanente. El año pasado era la secretaria de la secundaria, con emoción y lista para 2021/2022, me presento en una posición en poder ayudarles más. Yo se que estaba más difícil en navegar como iba pensar el año escolar el último año, pero ahora estoy aquí para ayudarle con lo necesario y con preguntas o preocupaciones. Muchas gracias a todos por su paciencia y espero conocerlos más y que cuentan en mi para ayudarles a triunfar en donde están sus niños...la primaria, secundaria, y la prepa. Bienvenidos a otro año escolar. amanda.munoz@harrisburg.k12.or.us
19 days ago, Kim Kahle
Hello Eagles!! Are you ready for Monday!! We are! We are SO excited to get this year off to a soaring start. We’re going to start the day in the football stadium for a quick welcome back assembly. Band students - Don’t go to band, come to the assembly first. Then as returning students head to class the 9th graders and any students new to our building will be matched up with student tour guides to give you a tour of campus and answer any questions you may have. It’s gonna be a blast! Not sure if you’ve heard yet, but meals are free for all students this year. No applications, no paying on meal accounts, just free food for all students. And if there’s one thing teenagers like - it’s free food. Lastly, we need to talk about masks. Regulations are going to mandate that we require staff and students to wear masks inside the building. If you or your child are uncomfortable with that, please email me this weekend and let's try and come up with a solution. I implore you to not show up Monday with the goal of making a scene. We have been given very little wiggle room by the state, if students refuse to wear masks, we will have to send them home. The good news is that we are back in the classroom, with our awesome staff, all day, which is the most normal we’ve been in a year and a half, and that is worth celebrating - which is exactly what we’re going to do Monday morning. Can’t wait to see you all! Have a great weekend. . Principal Chapman greg.chapman@harrisburg.k12.or.us
24 days ago, Greg Chapman
The high schools registration will be August 24th from 1pm-7pm and August 25th from 9am- 3pm in the HS MPR. We will also be doing school pictures on both of those days. Students can get their schedules, a locker if they choose and get their picture done. If you have any questions please call Kim at the office.
about 1 month ago, Kim Kahle
Hi Everyone, Last night at the school board meeting a parent posed the question of what the district stance is on CRT. It is not part of the state standards that we teach from. Here is a link from Oregon School Boards Association, OSBA. http://www.osba.org/-/media/Files/Resources/Equity365/2021-CRT-QandA.pdf?la=en
about 1 month ago, Bryan Starr
Hello from our new Principal Mr. Chapman.. please click link below https://drive.google.com/file/d/17eksv-dX5lPulmwmnTvWi1wI4w5aiSiT/view?usp=sharing
about 1 month ago, Kim Kahle
HHS Fall Athletic Registration Register for Football, Volleyball, and Cross Country www.familyid.com All athletes must be registered on FamilyID and have a current sports physical to participate in practice. PRACTICE STARTS AUG 16TH FOR ALL SPORTS ?'s email: scott.buzzard@harrisburg.k12.or.us email sports physical's to Scott Buzzard or turn in to your coach.
2 months ago, Megan Collett
The Southern Linn Youth Services Team thanks the Siletz  Tribal Charitable Contribution Fund for their donation of $3106 for the 20-21 school year. It was their generosity that allowed the team to provide financial assistance to students and families in the Southern Linn region. Without the financial support of the STCCF our team could not have helped these families during this difficult school year. 
3 months ago, Megan Collett
Summer Mental Health support https://oregonyouthline.org/
3 months ago, Megan Collett
Daily Announcements for Wednesday, June 16th Happy Last day of School & Enjoy the summer! https://5il.co/u5qm
3 months ago, Megan Collett
Daily Announcements for Tuesday, June 15th https://5il.co/u3ki
3 months ago, Megan Collett
Daily Announcements for Monday, June 14th https://5il.co/u0va
3 months ago, Megan Collett
Last day of school for Juniors is Tuesday, June 15th- will have both Asynch & in person classes Last day of school for Freshman and Sophomore's is Wednesday, June 16th - school days ends at 11:10 am.
3 months ago, Megan Collett
The link for graduation live stream is on the high school page under the Graduation 2021 button. The senior slide show link is also posted there.
3 months ago, Megan Collett
Daily Announcements for Thursday, June 10th https://5il.co/two5
3 months ago, Megan Collett
Daily announcements for Wednesday June 9th https://5il.co/tux2
3 months ago, Megan Collett
Dear Parents and Students, We are searching for a new high school principal. Here is a link to a survey to determine what people want in their high school principal. The district will use this information to screen and interview the appropriate candidates for Harrisburg High School. Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully complete the survey. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/BTC-Principal-Search
3 months ago, Bryan Starr