FAFSA Information

Are you being asked to verify your tax information?

You will need to request a transcript from the IRS for verification. Here is a link where you can request the needed documents. Click here

FAFSA Site use this site to begin your FAFSA application and to receive your pin.

Reminder that both you and your parent will need a FSA ID to sign your document.

Worksheet to help with the process. PDF available here


For the FAFSA, students are considered dependents if they:

  • Are younger than 24 years

  • Are unmarried

  • Are completing a degree other than a master's or doctorate

  • Are not an active-duty military member or veteran

  • Do not have a child or dependent they support

  • Were not in foster care or a dependent of the state after age 13

  • Are not an emancipated minor or a homeless unaccompanied youth