August 18, 2020


Dear students, staff, parents and guardians,

This morning Oregon Health Authorities released state and Linn County COVID-19 data. On both a state and county level, all Linn County schools did not meet the requirements for in-person learning for all grades. A chart showing the information located on OHA website is linked here. Following the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority requirements, state and county COVID-19 data must be in compliance with the metrics for a minimum of three weeks in every category.

Previously, we sent out information explaining that for our K-3 students, we would have the opportunity to start the year with onsite instruction.  This has changed due to increasing COVID-19 cases in Linn County. For planning purposes, we will give more details by the end of the day tomorrow as we work to bring our k-3 back as soon as possible.

District leaders met this afternoon to begin developing a plan for our k-3 students.   The district leadership including board members will provide more input tomorrow as we continue to look at what is best for our students.   We have the limited instruction option available to use in some fashion.  Hopefully, we will see a decrease in the infection rate and have in-person learning available soon.