YST fundraiser



The Southern Linn Youth Services Team (SL YST) is having a Popcornopolis Fundraiser to raise funds to help students and families in need who live in the Central Linn School District and Harrisburg School District regions. The SL YST is a multidisciplinary group of professionals whose purpose is to help students and families to break down barriers that prevent them from living a happy and healthy life. The team helps to connect students and families to needed resources such as rental assistance, medical appointments, mental health, and more. SL YST uses the funds that are raised through fundraisers to help students engage in pro-social events such as sports, music lessons, martial arts, etc. Funds have also been used to help purchase household items such as pots and pans, cleaning supplies and hygiene products, car repairs, and/or other household bills among other things. Your support in this fundraiser will allow the SL YST to keep helping students and families in need.