It is the mission of the Board to openly work toward establishing policies, standards and budgets that ensure the district has ample tools and resources to build a community of life-long learners.


1. Continue to improve student achievement by implementing effective instructional strategies and using a data driven K-12 program.

2. Provide multiple opportunities for all students to be involved in our schools, activities and the community to increase student academic growth and achievement.

3. Continue the implementation of the new Teacher and Principal Evaluation system to recognize and enhance growth, effectiveness and performance.

4. Recruit and retain highly effective staff by providing high quality professional growth opportunities.

5. Practice fiscal responsibility that limits liabilities and promotes growth and development of educational and co-curricular programs.

6. Provide facilities that enable, inspire and empower success, that are safe, secure and inviting, and that meet the diverse needs of all students, staff and the broader community, while fostering the importance of student success.


Regular School Board meetings are held the second Monday of each month beginning at 7:00 p.m. They are held in the High School Library. All portions of the meeting are open to the public except any executive sessions.


The Board has established procedures for public participation in open meetings. The purpose of these procedures is to inform the public how to effectively participate in Board meetings for the best interests of the individual, the district and the patrons. Please review the attachments below for information on how to participate in Board meetings, how and when to voice your opinion about an agenda topic, and how to request that an item be placed on the meeting agenda.


School Board members serve for four years. Elections are every other year in the odd years. Persons will be eligible to serve as Board members if they are qualified voters of the district and have been residents within the district for one year immediately preceding the election or appointment. No person who is an employee of the district will be eligible to serve as a district board member while so employed. If a person wants to run for election to the Board, they can contact the district office for information or the Linn County Elections office at Court House at 300 SW 4th Avenue in Albany.

The board of education is the legal governing body of the school district and as such has the final authorization and responsibility over the many phases of the school district operation. The board shall determine the various policies which govern the operation of the school and shall charge the chief executive official, the superintendent of schools, with the responsibility of operating the school within the framework of established school board policies.

The duties of the board shall include, but not be limited, to the following:

1.The adoption of general policies for the administration of the School system.

2. The approval and adoption of an annual budget for the operation of the school and retirement of bonds.

3. The approval of the continued employment of all employees after considering the recommendations of the superintendent.

4. The adoption of regulations for the accounting of all school funds.

5. The determination of salary scales, terms of contract, daily and weekly hours of work, fringe benefits, and other conditions of employment for all school employees.

6. The establishment of policies on school entrance, expulsion, promotion, and graduation.

7. The provision of adequate facilities to carry out the educational program of the school district.

8. The establishment of an insurance program for the protection of school property and school personnel.

9. The initiation of a program of regular review and evaluation of established school board policies.

10. The adoption of any policy of regulation which the board of education deems advisable to facilitate the effective governance of the school district.


Jason Carothers, Chairman


Steven McNulty, Vice Chairman


Wayne Swango


Eric Hill


Lonnie Hutchens


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