Reopening Schools in the Harrisburg School District

August 11,2020

Last night, the Harrisburg School District Board of Directors approved the reopening blueprint plans designed for the first nine weeks of the 2020-21 school year.  They also adopted a new calendar.  School will now begin on September 8th for all students, however, all students will not be on campus.  Please go to the Calendar page to see the new school year calendar. The elementary school grades k-3 will meet on site with very stringent health protocols and other required ODE guidelines providing a safe learning environment for our students and staff.  The elementary blue print plan link  more details being developed by the building principal concerning recess schedules, entering and exiting the school building and busing.  Students will have P.E. and the school day will begin at the regular time but end one hour earlier for the first nine weeks.  Kindergarten will be half day with two cohorts meeting in the am and two meeting in the pm.  You will see in the plan that we will have no visitors and will use only essential trained volunteers.  Our new vestibule will provide a place for parents and/or guardians to come and pick up children safely.  If you have questions, please contact the building principal Mrs. Darlene Geddes.

Grades 4-12 will be using the learning model of Comprehensive Distance Learning, CDL.  This will be much different from this past spring, as teachers will be working on campus and not from home, attendance taken and grades given.  The middle school blueprint link if you have any questions please contact the building principal, Mr. Pat Jarman.  The high school blueprint link if you have questions, please contact the high school principal Mr. Josh Stauber

School District administration will monitor Linn County and state metrics to determine the possibility of transitioning to a hybrid model or total on site learning the second nine weeks.  Thank you for your patience as this continues to be challenging for all of us.