The HART Community Center and Lola’s Coffee + Brunch is partnering with the Marine Corps for Toys for Tots. Deadline to register is November 28th E Centro Comunitario HART y Lola’s Coffee se están asociando con el Cuerpo de Marines. La fecha límite para registrarse es el Noviembre 28th
6 days ago, Tiffany Hart
Toys for Tots English
Toys for Tots-Spanish
Happy Wednesday! The kitchen has a menu change for today's breakfast. BISCUITS and GRAVY! Yum Tomorrow's breakfast is Banana Bread, pears and a cheese stick. Tomorrow's lunch is Pork tacos, salad bar. Let's make it a great day! ¡Feliz miércoles! La cocina dispone de cambio de menú para el desayuno de hoy. ¡Galletas y salsa! mmm El desayuno de mañana es pan de plátano, peras y una barra de queso. El almuerzo de mañana son tacos de cerdo y barra de ensaladas. ¡Hagamos que sea un gran día!
18 days ago, Tiffany Hart
Biscuits and Gravy
Last call for the annual Harrisburg School District Thanksgiving Food Drive. Accepting donations through Thursday 10/19/23.
about 2 months ago, Tiffany Hart
Thanksgiving Food Drive
Thanksgiving Food Drive
Say “hello” to parent-teacher chat in the HSD app! The same district app now offers class streams, class announcements, and parent-teacher chat. Download for Android Download for iPhone
3 months ago, Harrisburg School District 7
say hello to parent teacher chat rooms flyer
The HES Open House will be on Thursday, September 21st from 5:30-7pm. We will begin in our cafeteria followed by the opportunity to visit two different grade level sessions. This is a great chance to learn about what's expected for students and their families this school year. We hope to see you there.
3 months ago, Darcey Edwards
Harrisburg School District is on a two-hour delay for Tuesday, February 28. Bus routes will be on a two- hour delay as well. All staff should report on campus by 9:30 AM.
9 months ago, Tia Bodine
2 Hour Delay
10 months ago, Tia Bodine
New school year Our campuses are full of students and staff excited to kick off the 2022-23 school year. It is wonderful to see everyone’s smile as students move about their perspective campuses. Over the summer some areas were painted while deep cleaning took place in every building. The old furnaces in the elementary school classrooms were replaced over the summer using federal funds. The new units provide heat and air condition which is greatly appreciated as the temperatures are in the upper 90’s this week. The school district provides one-hour weekly for professional learning community (PLC) time. The Harrisburg School District will have late start every Monday. Everything will begin one hour later. There are two weeks during the school year when there is a holiday on Monday, Labor Day and Memorial Day. The late start will move to Tuesday. This is true for next week when Monday, September 5 is Labor Day holiday. We will have late start on Tuesday, September 6, 2022. If you have daycare issues and need to get to work, you may drop your child off at the elementary or middle school at the regular time. We will provide a safe place for all k-6 grade students who cannot stay home one hour. Building principals will provide staff who will oversee the K-6 grade students who arrive during the PLC time. We welcome parent involvement and I would encourage you to support the Harrisburg PTA. There are ways to support your schools through site councils and booster club. Contact the building principal if interested in supporting your son/daughter’s school.
over 1 year ago, Bryan Starr
Hello everyone, I want to provide an update for the 2022-2023 school year. Currently, the district allows one hour a week, on Wednesdays, for staff to engage in professional Learning Communities (PLC’s). The goal of these PLC’s is for staff to work together for school and learning improvement. Part of this work entailed sending staff and building principals to White River School District for an up close look at a school district whose PLC process is efficient. One of the takeaways from that trip was the time and day for PLC’s to take place. The team came back recommending we change our PLC time from an early release on Wednesdays to a late start on Mondays.This means that, on Mondays only, students will arrive at school an hour later than usual. The district understands that many of our families will have daycare challenges that will result in a late start. If you have a K-6 student you will be able to drop your student off at their respective school at the normal time on Mondays. The district will be happy to provide a safe environment for all K-6 students who arrive before school on Mondays. Building principals will provide communication on the new late start time. This hour of time is very beneficial for our teachers to discuss their instruction while examining data collected each week from agreed upon student work. The Harrisburg School Board of Directors gave us the time to improve learning and our professional practice by doing the work of a PLC, layered under the four critical questions of learning; What do we want students to learn? How will we know if they have learned? What will we do if they don’t learn? What will we do if they already know it? Each team has identified essential standards, learning targets, instructional strategies and student engagement and unit pacing. Please contact your building principal for specific details concerning late start Mondays.
over 1 year ago, Bryan Starr
Dear Parents and community, We are planning to bring our kindergarten and middle school students back all day for in-person learning. Due to the recent changes in the “Ready Schools, Safe Learners” (RSSL) guidelines, a 90 plus page document published by the Oregon Department of Education, of 6 feet between students to three feet and removing the 35 square foot per student in classrooms. Students must stay 6 feet apart while eating or drinking when they remove their mask. Our building principals will communicate the details of the change. The plan is to begin on Monday, April 19 giving time for our staff to make the necessary adjustments to schedules and classrooms. Remember, our schools are an ecosystem consisting of a wide range of people from our community. Although the current case counts allow us more access, this is a time to remain vigilant around COVID protocol. This vigilance is why we have had success in reopening our schools, to move forward with athletics and activities, and to now get more in-person instruction for our students.
over 2 years ago, Bryan Starr
1-27-21 Dear Families, This has been an unprecedented year with many new and different ways of doing things. This will be, yet another, 'new and different' for you to be thinking about. On February 11th, we will celebrate Valentine's Day here at school. However, we are still under all of the same protocols and parameters that we have been. This means we cannot have items coming in and out of the school and going in and out of students' homes. If you have received other information, please disregard. We cannot have Valentine’s or other goodies coming into the school or going home with other students. Instead, this is an opportunity for our staff and students to get creative. We have already ordered mini-cupcakes, one for every child, and Valentine pencils, one for every child. Our teachers and staff will work to make our celebration here ultra-caring, kind and fun day; we can and we will. Valentine's, if exchanged, must be created in class and set aside and pre-sorted for students for a week before going home. Some classroom teachers may make "mailboxes" but they cannot be left out on desktops. Any class-made tokens will be put into them by staff to go home to be opened at home. Our new normal is that there is no normal. I appreciate the understanding and ongoing best foot forward for our children! Each celebration may look different but we strive to make these special and memorable for all children. Thank you for your continued support.
almost 3 years ago, Sheri Glover
If we have inclement weather closure for the school district, we will notify through Flash Alert, robocall and this website. Our notices will go out at 6 a.m. Please make sure you are signed up for Flash Alert. If we have to close, we plan to make the day up later in the school year.
almost 3 years ago, Bryan Starr
Dear Harrisburg School District Families, We are happy to announce that we have purchased Go Guardian, an internet security software that will protect and safeguard your children while they are using district issued equipment. Go Guardian protects students by limiting the websites they can access and allows their teachers to see what websites they have been accessing while using district issued chromebooks and while on the school district’s network. There are also many internet security threats that exist and Go Guardian is how we protect our students from those threats, as well. However, due to the nature of the protection that Go Guardian provides us, and that we have it installed on every district issued chromebook we are unable to allow students to bring their own personal chromebook, laptop, or iPad to school. Additionally, we would like all Harrisburg School District (HSD) students to use HSD devices while on campus as a way to maintain equity of education while here. Each school has apps and websites that teachers and students can use at any point during the day. All district devices have been set-up to ensure that all students have equal access to the apps that pertain to them. This way we can ensure that all students have the exact same access to the educational processes that teachers are providing. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our technology coordinator, Paul Lambert at Thank you for your understanding on this matter.
almost 3 years ago, Bryan Starr
Dear Families! What a success our partnered feeding program was! We passed out food for 72 children in 10 minutes and took names for meals for Tuesday. For those of you who have reserved your meals, pick up is between 12pm-1 pm on Tuesday at Harrisburg Christian Church. If you still need meals for kids, please call the elementary school to reserve your meals. 541-995-6544
about 3 years ago, Darlene Geddes
Hello Families-we have partnered with Harrisburg Christian and will be providing breakfasts and lunches for our students for the week! Families can drive through the church parking lot and pick up all the meals for the week on Monday OR Tuesday from 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm. If you are unable to pick up meals, please call the elementary school office at 541-995-6544 and we will try to arrange delivery. Thank you!
about 3 years ago, Darlene Geddes
Dear Families- please bring Engel’s Evergreen Fundraising materials to device pick-up or main office by 4:00 tomorrow, Tuesday 11/24/20. Thank you!
about 3 years ago, Darlene Geddes
COVID-19 update In the Harrisburg School district, we have two employees who have tested positive. People with potential exposure are being contacted. All learning for students in grades k-12 will be Comprehensive Distance Learning the next two weeks. Students cannot be on campus over the next two weeks. We plan to stay in direct communication with Linn County Public Health as to what we can do in the weeks ahead. We are hopeful to resume limited in person instruction on Monday, December 7. We will have to see how the Linn County metrics are tracking. Our food service department will shut down for the next two weeks. Our food service department will begin preparing meals on Monday, December 7. District staff will perform deep cleaning in school buildings and the kitchen as positive cases are rising in the community. Please contact your students building for specific details if you need a device or other education materials. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause your family. Thank you for your patience as we follow the ODE/OHA guidance.
about 3 years ago, Bryan Starr
Please join our Parent Club Meeting tomorrow evening, Tuesday, November 10th at 7pm on Zoom!
about 3 years ago, Darlene Geddes
First four weeks It is hard to believe we are completing four weeks of school in the 2020-21 school year. Our elementary school has grades k-3 meeting on campus for in person learning. Principal Geddes and team have done an amazing job following all of the ODE guidelines for health and safety purposes. Students and staff all wear facial coverings and follow social distancing as much as possible. Recesses are set up uniquely in order to comply with limiting the cohort mingling. Our food service department provides meals in the hallway, so students can eat in their classrooms and sanitation stations are located at every entrance. Our custodians are busy wiping surfaces, door handles and empting garbage cans. They have a restroom system in place that only allows 2 people at a time in the restroom, room capacity signs posted outside every room. As a reminder to our parents and guardians, as you come onto campus to pick up your son/daughter or drop off, please practice social distancing and wear a facial covering. Our success is the Harrisburg community’s success and in order for us to stay open for in person learning, we must continue practicing the safe practices recommended by the CDC. The good news is we remain student and staff free of any positive COVID-19 cases. In the Harrisburg School District, we have a wonderful staff of caring and professional individuals. It will take all of us working together in order to provide a healthy and safe place for our children to learn and grow. If you have questions or concerns please call me at 541-995-6626.
about 3 years ago, Bryan Starr
Dear Families - We are so happy to have students back at school! Please remember to socially distance and wear masks at drop off and pick up. We want to keep everyone safe and healthy! We also want to make sure we keep our students in school. If we can follow guidelines and keep our school healthy, we will be able to add in other grades in the coming weeks. Thank you so much for your support and understanding during these challenging times!
about 3 years ago, Darlene Geddes