Q: Our family does not have enough devices at home. Can we get a loaner device from the district?
A: Harrisburg SD will make every effort to ensure that all students have access to the technology needed to fulfill their distance learning requirements and we will supplement the at-home technology on an as needed basis. Please contact any of our school offices to submit a request. Prioritization will be based on need.

Q: I just received a Chromebook from the district. What are the login steps for that device?
A: Instructions for how to log in on a district-issued Chromebook can be found here:

Q: What should I do if our district loaner device is damaged?
A: Please call any of our school offices within 24 hours of the incident to notify us of the issue. Someone from the district will contact you with further instructions.

Q: Is the school district still planning to use Zoom as a platform for meeting sessions?
A: Yes. Zoom has acknowledged their previous lack of focus on security. Since then, they have made significant security improvements to address the concerns that have recently emerged:

Q. Are students required to attend Zoom meetings?
A. No, we understand that not all students will be able to access Zoom meetings at a specific time. Zoom sessions will be taking place, however they are optional.

Q: How does a student join a Google Classroom?
A: You must be signed into Google Classroom before you can join a class. Please review these instructions for further details:

Q: How do I turn off Google Classroom notifications?

Q. What if my student has items that belong to the school?
A. We have a drop box at the elementary and HS that items like library or textbooks can be placed in. Please do not put Chromebooks or fragile items in the drop box, instead contact the school to arrange a way to return them.

Q. Is distance learning optional?
A. No, it is required for students to earn credit for the second semester.


Q. Are seniors finished?
A. Any senior that was on track to graduate and was passing the classes that they needed for graduation when schools were closed on March 13th, have completed all of the requirements needed for graduation, and are done.

Q. What if a senior was not passing when school closed?
A. We will be contacting these students and putting together an individual plan to provide them the opportunity to graduate.

Q. How will having a Pass on their transcript affect a student’s GPA?
A. A pass on a transcript has no effect on calculating a student’s GPA. The student receives credit with a Pass, but it does not factor into the weight of their GPA.

Q. Will having a passing grade on a transcript affect a student from getting into college?
A. At this point no. Colleges in our state, and around the country understand the challenges that students are currently facing. Many of the districts within our state are providing Pass/NP for the second semester for all secondary students.

Q. What about Graduation?
A. The traditional graduation ceremony will not be happening this year as students are not allowed on campus for the remainder of the year. We are currently working on providing an alternative celebration that will take place on the same day.

Q. When will official transcripts be ready for my senior?
A. We are working with our local ESD to make sure that we have everything correct in our Student Information System before finalizing transcripts. We will let you know when they are available.

Q. How will my student get their personal belongings from classrooms and their lockers?
A. We are currently working on a plan to return personal items and will have more information on how that will happen soon.

Q. How do I know what the expectations are for my students during distance learning?
A. Please contact your student’s teacher with any questions about their expectations or requirements for distance learning.
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*Our hope is that this page will help to address some of the frequently asked questions we receive from our parents, students, and community. We will be updating this page as more questions arise. So please check back again later.*