Caring During Challenging Times

Our vision statement states, “Together We Empower Students to Succeed”.  This includes all students as we demonstrate care and respect to the students and their families by building bridges.  One of our key components in the district is building relationships between students and staff and families and staff.  People will not care how much you know, until they know how much you care.  These past three months have been extremely challenging for many families as we rose to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.   

There is much unrest in the country on top of the coronavirus with racial tensions and the need to address the inequities facing so many and in particular people of color.  Our thoughts also are with all of our students and families, our staff, and our community, but especially our community members of color, who may be impacted by the recent news and events across our country. 

Our schools and our community should be safe havens where all children are respected and nurtured, where discrimination of any kind is not tolerated, and where all can thrive in the expectation of equity and justice.  Know that we continue to advocate for and seek to understand the inequities and barriers that affect learning and development of our children.  May we have the wisdom to improve the life of all who enter to learn and be stalwart to our commitment.