Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently asked questions relating to OSAA's policies regarding the COVID-19 outbreak. If you have a question, please contact Peter Weber at or contact the OSAA office at (503) 682-6722. 1. Q. May schools participate in out-of-state practices or contests/events during this suspension period? A. No, the suspension period for practices and contests/events applies to all OSAA member schools, regardless of where the practice or contest/event occurs. 

2. Q. May coaches hold "voluntary" or "optional" practices during this suspension period? A. No, coaches are not able to work directly with students during this suspension period. Coaches may not be involved in circumventing this policy. 

3. Q. May coaches communicate with students/athletes? A. Coaches can communicate with students in accordance with local school district policy, but not organize or participate in workouts. We encourage coaches to provide support to students during this stressful time. 

4. Q. Does this suspension period apply to public schools only? A. The suspension period applies to all OSAA member schools, public and private, in all OSAA-sanctioned activities. 

5. Q. How should schools correctly mark baseball and softball games during the suspension period on the OSAA website? A. Games should be marked as cancelled, not deleted. This keeps the game on a team's schedule in case it's able to be made up at a later date. 

6. Q. May students or coaches access school facilities during this suspension period? A. During this moratorium-like period, there shall be no high school facility usage by activity/athletic staff and students/teams. Field maintenance is allowed. 

7. Q. May groups of students gather to work out? A. While the OSAA encourages students to stay active, we discourage groups of students from getting together in alignment with local, state, and federal social distancing guidelines. 

8. Q. Will OSAA State Championships that have been cancelled be rescheduled? A. No, due to the numerous issues regarding rescheduling including, but not limited to, site availability, staffing, scheduling conflicts, etc., cancelled OSAA State Championships will not be rescheduled. 

9. Q. Does the suspension period apply to off-season fall and winter activities? A. All OSAA sports and activities fall under this guidance. There will be no practice or gatherings for any OSAA sports or activities. This includes Rule of Two, 6A/5A Pilot, and individual sports.