Parents and guardians,

It appears the omicron variant of COVID-19 is making its way into our schools in the state.  Some larger school districts are closing specific schools due to staff shortages or changing bus schedules due to driver shortages.  Harrisburg School District is determined to keep students in class.  It’s always been our priority since the start of the pandemic to keep in-person learning.   We know it is critically important to have our kids live, in person, in school.

Last week an advisory guideline came from Oregon Department of Education to place a pause on extra-curricular activities.  The district decided to continue with our winter sports program especially after missing out the past two years.  Eagle Athletics is continuing as they usually follow the school districts lead.  However, the boys 7/8 grade basketball team recently had a positive case, which means quarantining for the whole team.  Quarantine guidelines changed during the first part of January from 7-10 days to 5 days and no symptoms. 

It is imperative that everyone who attends the athletic events over the next few weeks practice social distancing and face covering.  OHSU doctors are calculating the latest surge will be over the end of January.  In hopes of staving off limitations to extra-curricular activities, we need everyone to practice the health protocols at our disposal.  In addition, if you have a sick child keep them from attending school or the event scheduled after school.  We all have mask fatigue and I know nobody likes wearing them.

I am proud of the Harrisburg School District staff who are working hard this year as we experience another very difficult school year.  I want to thank all of the parents of our students who are diligently following the health protocols and hope someday we can open up our schools to all of you.  I am proud to part of the Harrisburg Eagle family.