Trillium Community Engagement

Please join Trillium for a Community Conversation!Monday, October 7, 5:30- 7:00 p.m.

Life Bible Church/Life Northwest, 23650 Peoria Rd., Harrisburg

Dinner will be provided.

To register, visit: https://www.trilliumohp.com/about-us/Community_Engagement.html

For language or disability accommodations or transportation, let us know 48 hours before

the event at: 541-799-3119 or publiccomments@trilliumchp.com.

Trillium is a coordinated care organization serving Oregon Health Plan

members. Our focus is on whole health and active local engagement to help

all people live a healthier life.

We welcome your questions and feedback!

Linn County Community Engagement Flyer_2019.pdf