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About Us

The mission of the Harrisburg School District is to support student learning and social development by promoting strong academic, athletic, and applied technology programs, while maintaining an atmosphere of emotional stability and growth.

The vision of the Harrisburg School District is to create life-long learners who grow academically, physically, emotionally, and socially as they develop into well-rounded and productive members of society.

The Harrisburg School District operates on a 4-Day School Week. Friday's are a non-school day for students on most weeks. Full-time teachers work 9 hour days on Monday through Thursday. The work week for classified, supervisory, confidential, and administrative employee groups varies according to the strength of the direct connection between each group's job responsibilities and the physical presence of students on campus.

The resolution to adopt a 4-Day School Week by the Harrisburg School District was only arrived at after much careful thought, research, and deliberation. Public and staff input was sincerely sought and valued throughout the decision-making process. The school board's primary goals in ultimately endorsing the 4-Day School Week were as follows:

· To preserve the integrity of the District's academic, athletic, and applied technology programs

· To protect Student Instructional Seat Time

· To safeguard the District's financial resources

· To conduct good faith collective bargaining

The 4-Day School Week option features significant long term cost savings advantages which are annually realized to help avoid, or otherwise lessen, the impact of further budget reduction options such as furlough days, staff layoffs, program cuts, increased class sizes, and reduced student instructional time. Its benefits also include fewer disciplinary referrals, improved student achievement, and lower student and staff member absenteeism.