The Harrisburg School District is strongly committed to providing the best education possible for all of our students. We believe that requires a team effort, with students, staff, parents and community all working together. Our schools foster an attitude that all children can achieve academically and that students and staff appreciate the individual differences of other people. We want parents to feel welcome and to take an active role in their children's education.

We believe all of us have a responsibility to create an environment in our schools where students feel safe. Partnerships between staff, students, parents and community can do a great deal to enhance the achievement of students and to make schools a positive place to be.


*Special Announcement: Harrisburg School District is pleased to announce that we have received a 1.49 million dollar seismic grant which will be used to upgrade the middle school gym with seismic safety upgrades.


*Special Announcement: The Harrisburg School District is seeking community members to apply for an open slot on the budget committee.  Oregon school budget law requires a local budget committee to recommend a district's budget to the school board. The school board has final approval authority. The committee is made up of the district's five member board of directors and up to an equal number of registered voters appointed by the board.


The school board appoints citizen members of a budget committee.  Members of the budget committee serve for a three-year term and receive no compensation for their services. Eligible candidates must be a qualified voter of the district, have lived in the district for one year and cannot be a Harrisburg School District employee.

Please send a letter of interest to Superintendent Bryan Starr at the district office if you would like to be considered for the budget committee vacancy.