Special Announcement: The last day of the summer lunch program will be Friday, August 7th. 




Welcome to the Harrisburg School District (HSD) website.  Harrisburg, OR, population 3450, is a small community with big ideas nestled in the heart of Western Oregon, along the banks of the mighty Willamette River and in the midst of the world's greatest grass seed industry. Harrisburg is proud of its peaceful, friendly, and family-oriented small-town life. The city’s large and scenic waterfront park hosts a picturesque gazebo, beautiful greenery, stylish park benches, outstanding vistas, and excellent river access. The community also sponsors a thriving youth sports program including a state of the art skateboarding park. The social event of the season is the city’s annual Old-Fashioned 4th of July celebration. 


Harrisburg is surrounded by the nearby transportation and commercial hubs of Eugene, Corvallis, and Albany featuring prestigious institutions of higher learning, large shopping malls, diverse restaurants, modern movie theaters, outstanding arts programs, top-tier golf courses and myriad miles of magnificent hiking, jogging, and bicycling trails.

Harrisburg also lies within easy driving distance of the spectacular Oregon Coast, world-famous McKenzie River, majestic Cascade Mountains, and breathtaking high desert country of Central Oregon and offers a panoramic plethora of proximate prospects for outdoors proponents of every persuasion.

Our moderate climate provides four beautiful seasons free of severe humidity, temperature, and weather extremes. We enjoy warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. Spring and fall are also moist seasons with extended periods of light rain. Winter snowfall does occur, but it is sporadic and rarely accumulates in large amounts to any degree.


HSD offers excellent opportunities for children to learn in a safe and nurturing environment.  Our schools are small enough to make personal connections, yet large enough to offer students a wide array of award-winning academic, athletic, and activities programs. The district also endeavors to inform, involve and serve the Harrisburg community at large in a respectful and inclusive fashion.


The district operates on a 4-Day School Week schedule with no school on most Fridays. The single, spacious and well-groomed campus features one K-5 elementary school, one 6-8 middle school and one 9-12 high school. Currently, the district’s K-12 enrollment is approximately 870 students with class sizes averaging 22 students at our elementary school, 23 at our middle school, and 19 at our high school. 


The citizens of Harrisburg are devoted to the success of HSD students and graciously volunteer their time, effort, and services on the students’ behalf. The district embraces strategic flexibility in an open and collaborative decision-making process designed to provide exceptional academic, physical, emotional, and social support for our students. HSD welcomes the challenge of change as an opportunity to advance the district forward. We achieve all of this with an optimistic attitude and a great sense of accomplishment because we truly are a team on the rise! 

HSD is proud of its time-honored tradition of excellence in academics, athletics, technology, the arts and throughout the classrooms and playing fields of the district. Our school board, administration and staff set and maintain high standards for themselves and for the students under their guardianship.


· Students are our number one priority. Their success is our success.

· Students are not an interruption of our work--they are the purpose of it.

· Students are more than just statistics.  They are flesh-and-blood human beings with feelings and emotions.

· Students come to us with needs and/or wants.  It is our job to fulfill them.

· Students are deserving of the most courteous and attentive treatment that we can provide.

· Students are the lifeblood of HSD.  Without them, we would have to close our doors.


The highly celebrated reading program at Harrisburg Elementary School (HES) continues to yield exemplary results. Harrisburg Middle School (HMS) is the recent recipient of a graphing calculators grant aimed at providing students access to the critical tools necessary for their success at higher mathematics. We have a strong and growing AP program in place at Harrisburg High School (HHS) which prepares our students well for their college studies. Our numerous club and leadership activities offer students a wealth of opportunities to learn important community service, teamwork, communications, self-discipline and leadership skills. 


HSD has successfully answered the call for greater levels of educational technology integration in our classrooms. It is exciting to see colorful, current, and informative teacher websites prominently posted online. HSD students and parents recognize and appreciate the many teachers who regularly update their electronic grade-books and respond swiftly to telephone and e-mail queries. 


HSD students are making superb progress in the area of academic achievement. HES has a time-honored tradition of receiving “Outstanding” ratings on the Oregon Department of Education’s annual School Report Card. In addition, HMS students are also demonstrating significant academic growth. All student demographic subgroups at HMS are now meeting federal Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) benchmarks for the first time in several years. Future incoming freshman classes at HHS should be well positioned to demonstrate their proficiency in the “Essential Skills” which are now a mandatory component of Oregon’s increasingly rigorous high school graduation requirements. 


There is momentum in the many accomplishments of our outstanding fine and vocational arts programs. For example, the district’s band program has long been recognized for its outstanding performances, widespread student engagement, and annual cross-country tours. The Harrisburg community’s recent and generous donation of new musical instruments should help to spur the band program’s continued growth to even greater heights.


HSD takes justifiable pride in our interscholastic athletic success, not only in the box scores, but also in the personal integrity and good sportsmanship displayed by our student-athletes both on and off the field.

Our classrooms and corridors are rapidly becoming safer and more secure learning environments. The HES Peacemakers program, HMS Positive Behavior Support initiative, and the Readiness for Emergency Management in Schools (REMS) federal grant have all contributed greatly to a rising sense of emotional and physical well-being in our district.

Whether you are just visiting our website or, if you happen to be in the market for a friendly, safe and close-knit school district that strives for academic and extracurricular excellence with first-rate staff, facilities and programs, then we welcome you to HSD. Families electing to enroll their children in our school district reap rich and rewarding benefits transcending far beyond their tenure in our own little slice of heaven right here on earth.